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Casa de Vida

Casa de Vida Logo SmallWe are a small Christian inner-city ministry in downtown Chandler, Arizona. Our heart's desire is to be present, to be "Jesus with skin on", to love and live with our neighbors and draw them to Jesus...who promised abundant LIFE!

After teaching at the neighborhood Title 1 Willis Junior High School for 10 years, Mark Drez and his wife Janet, felt called to move into the predominantly Hispanic, low socio-economic area of the Galveston neighborhood in Chandler. 2 years ago they purchased a dilapidated 1950’s home, which they named Casa de Vida and began to reach out to the neighborhood. Mark continues to work at Willis, while Janet left her career to be full-time available for the families and children in the area.

Just 100 yards from their home are two trailer parks and an apartment complex filled with children and teens who are living on the edge. Single parent homes, immigration issues, drugs, teen pregnancy, and gang activity put all these families at risk.

Casa de Vida Logo SmallThe events and activities Mark and Janet are currently doing to reach out to the neighborhood include: Junior high and high school teen nights, sports tournaments, elementary school Vacation Bible School and day camps, volunteering as a classroom aide at Galveston Elementary, neighborhood women's Bible studies, large neighborhood parties and simply doing life with their neighbors.

Every week 30-80 teens descend on Casa de Vida for fun, friendship, games and food. They are mentored, prayed with, loved. Daily elementary school children follow Janet home for a snack, play time and a hug. Hundreds of neighbors have attended their fall block party, Christmas event and Hawaiian luau in the spring.

It’s no surprise that all of these activities take money and goods to make them happen. Any assistance will go far in impacting this neighborhood for God's Kingdom.

Please consider a charitable contribution today.

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