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Family to Family - Egypt: Skills Training

Dear friends,

Skills TrainingMany of you are familiar with our Family to Family program in Egypt. Some of you may not be aware that FTF-Egypt partners with a local Christian skills training center. Through this partnership, we are able to offer pre-qualified candidates the opportunity to learn skills that may help them to become financially self sufficient.

For both men and women, helping to provide basic necessities for their families is of utmost importance; however, many struggle with not possessing the skills it takes to receive gainful employment.

Our skills training partners offer courses in various trades that are highly marketable in the region. Current classes include men's and women's hair cutting/styling, small electronics repair, refrigerator/freezer repair, sewing classes for both home and industry; computers, secretarial (administrative), professional driving, tile setting, plumbing and other skills that are in demand.

Skills TrainingDuring the first 3 months of this year, 102 young people in 4 areas of Egypt were given the opportunity to learn a trade of their choice. In addition to the aforementioned skills, a new course was offered in leatherwork at the Minya location. The leatherwork course was attended by 25 young women. The products made during training were offered for sale at a bazaar in Hurghada where tourists enjoy browsing and purchasing such handcrafts. Later in the year, an advanced class in leatherworking will be offered.

Skills TrainingIn Egypt, technical skills in small refrigeration and electronics are in high demand. These courses range in scope from cellular phone maintenance to refrigerator, freezer, and small HVAC system repairs. Qualified candidates have the opportunity to get both technical and hands-on experience enabling graduates to seek steady employment opportunities so that they may support their families far into the future.

Skills TrainingAnother very popular trade in Egypt is men's and women's barbering/hair styling. As more and more demand grows, our ministry partners work hard to train and qualify students to fill current and future openings in this exciting field.

Some modern-day hair styles can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It only takes a quick Google search to see how ancient Egyptians used hair styling as part of their tradition and culture. Men, women, and children used hairstyling to express their identity, including pony-tails! It is interesting to see how many of these styles are the inspiration of hair stylists - even to this day!

EasterSkills in the building trades are essential. Egypt is known for its beautiful tile work, both inside and outside of buildings. A good tile-setter can make a very decent income, so our partners offer comprehensive courses in tile work where students learn the various types of tiles, setting compounds, and cutting skills. Individuals who possess these skills are highly sought after in areas with new construction and redevelopment.

Other skills that are growing in popularity involve training office skills and computer usage in the workplace. All of the training we partner with are Christian-based and enable students to seek and obtain good careers. Please consider a special offering to FTF-Egypt: Skills Training.

May you and your family be blessed,


Cherrie Dickerson, President
Venture International

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