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November, 2017

Giving thanks for your love and support!

Dear friends,

As a manager, I strive to establish realistic, attainable goals and work hard to meet or exceed those goals. I believe this approach has helped to ensure Venture International's sustainability in tumultuous times. It's no secret that our ministry has taken a hit over the past few years from people growing weary of the wars in the Middle East and an economy that has only recently started to recover. During these times we've lost individual donors and foundation giving that helped support special projects and our operating costs.

I took the helm at Venture International at the tail-end of 2014 and continue to take this leadership position very seriously. I truly appreciate all the trust and support that has been given to me. At one time or another, we've all read news stories about how some non-profits spend donations on lavish trips, photo-ops, gifts, conventions, and exorbitant salaries. I continue to promise that you'll never have to be concerned about how efficiently and effectively your money is used. Over the past 3 years I've managed to meet our financial goals; however, to meet these goals we've not been able to do many of the things we want to do. In several newsletters I've promoted ministry campaigns that simply did not receive support and we can't spend money that we don't have.

It is my opinion and belief that all organizations should operate within their means and be financially responsible. Therefore, I continue the pledge to never use your charitable gifts in any matter that would bring disgrace upon Venture International, its mission, or myself.

Venture International is a Christian, non-profit organization. 85 to 95 percent of designated contributions go directly to supporting those projects or programs. An example of a designated program is our Family to Family program. An example of a project would be raising and sending funds to support a specific project such as back to school supplies or humanitarian aid for refugees. Non-designated funds are used to help support our ministry operations wherever they are needed most at any given time.

For those that follow Venture International via our newsletters know, we have made substantial cuts over the past few years in our cost of doing business. When our final numbers came in from our 3rd party accounting agency it reflected both good and not-so-good. The good was that we are still operating within our bank account; the bad is that we had spent a little more than we should have.

Where we suffered was covering expenses related to our general operating fund. This fund covers the cost of doing business and includes my salary, 3rd party accounting, banking fees, phone, administrative supplies, trade and domain name registrations, licensing fees, and newsletter printing and postage. In addition, this fund helps to shore up support for our indigenous ministers and pay for anything else that doesn't fall into the program or project category. This is where we fell short approximately $5000.

What does all of this mean for 2018?

Venture International's programs and operating funds are completely dependent upon your support. We are totally donor-driven. I can promise this: I will not be a fool with your money. I pledge to keep our operating costs to a bare minimum. I truly believe the Lord put Venture International on this earth for a purpose. Please continue to help us serve as a bridge between those in need and those who want to help God's people. Your ongoing partnership helps us to build bridges of hope and show Christ's love and compassion to those we serve.

Next April we will be celebrating our 32nd year in Christian ministry!

5 ways you can help

  1. Please pray about resuming or strengthening your tax deductible contribution to a level you can currently afford - I can't and won't ask for more than that.
  2. Please consider making a monthly contribution throughout the year. Though limited, we have on-going costs and it's very difficult to raise money for our general ministry fund, but without it we cannot operate.
  3. We used to get help from foundations and churches in supporting our indigenous program coordinators in their respective countries, but that has also declined over the years. So far, they have graciously accepted whatever we are able to offer, but in many cases, they have to pay out of pocket to buy gasoline to visit and minister to the people that we serve. Please consider helping us support Nora in Jerusalem, Fadila in Egypt, Karim in Lebanon, Isam in Jordan, or Ragaa, our language specialist who gives of her time with Family to Family and other special projects when needed.
  4. In addition to our ongoing programs like Family to Family, we would like to engage in helping those with special needs through rehabilitation and therapy programs. We've participated with these in the past but all of these projects are donation-driven and cannot be accomplished without your support.
  5. The last way you can help is with our office equipment, cost of mailings and administrative supplies. We have still not updated our office equipment for many years. You need not worry regarding your financial gifts as they are processed through a secure portal at our bank (same with online giving). Your ongoing gift to our general fund will help me greatly in this endeavor.

Wow! I know the aforementioned was a lot to consider - but it's the reality of running an efficient, effective non-profit organization. Please partner with me in helping Venture International, to not only maintain, but grow in the future. Please share what Venture International is doing with your friends!

As we move forward in 2018 and beyond, please continue to pray for those who continue to suffer in the Middle East. Please pray for all of our indigenous ministers and program coordinators, and please continue to pray for Venture International.

Thank you and blessings to your and your family,


Cherrie Dickerson, President
Venture International

Instructions for giving:

Online - Go to and click on the donation link of your choice. Once there just insert the amount in the contribution line.

By Check - Please write your preference on the memo line.

By Phone - Please call 480 730-2702. If I am not able to answer the phone, please leave a message and I will call you back ASAP. I am able to process credit cards through Venture International's banking portal.

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