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April, 2017

Recent Reports from the Field

Dear friends,

I would like to thank those that emailed me regarding our February newsletter. I must admit, I was a little concerned about how it would be received. Here's an excerpt from one email:

"I really liked what you had to say about focusing more on loving people than letting them know where we stand on issues which might end up hurting our relationships."

This month I would like to share a few reports we have received from the field:

Refugee Relief - Isam Ghattas (Manara Ministries):

Much has been written and said recently about the plight of the people called refugees. For most, not much has changed for those living in a world of daily need.

foodRecently, 200 Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugee families were the happy recipients of food and blankets, their smiles walking out the door with bags in hand tell their stories. Some of these brothers and sisters have just recently entered Jordan and for many, this is the very first help they have received.

HeaterWith your support and help we were able to distribute 4100 food packages, 209 kerosene heaters and 133 propane heaters with gas cylinders.

We are working on various projects that aim to comfort and support as many refugees as possible. Thank you for your compassion and for your friendship. You are a constant encouragement to all of us. May the God of peace be with you and those you love.

An excerpt from Family to Family - Egypt:

God uses Family to Family to help 55 families in Egypt. All those families are below poverty line and no matter how small the help they receive is, by the grace of God it covers their needs. Those families have a variety of needs. All of our families with their different circumstances need help with food on the table.

What we like about Family to Family is how the program is sensitive to the need of the families.

Female headed households are a common thing we see with our families. Sometimes and due to a variety of reasons the mom can't work, that could be due to health issues or the fact that the children are too young and need care. In this case we usually provide relief.

We have also been cooperating with Think and Do for many years now and this is an organization that started in 1995 with the aim of developing poor communities in Egypt and fighting ignorance, poverty and disease. We offer integrated ministry for the development of the whole person, spiritually, psychologically, physically and materially, empowering needy people to obtain their rights and live with dignity. We often send members of our families to benefit of their training. Due to the limited funds we send less now than we use to but our families still benefit a lot from this ministry.

An excerpt from Family to Family - Lebanon:

Lebanon is experiencing devastating social/economical times due to the Syrian refugee crisis. We are a population of 4 million and we have 2 million refugees living between us, not receiving any help. Most are left on their own to care for themselves, and the result is devastating.

We are currently helping 4 families through Venture's Family to Family Program and 20 families through Cedar Home Orphanage, but the need is much greater as there are hundreds of families in our area that need help.

An excerpt from Family to Family - Jerusalem:

Venture International's Family to Family program supports 43 families and is greatly appreciated. Support is extended to beneficiaries in Jerusalem, the Bethlehem District and Ramallah City. Family to Family supports the most urgent needs of the family members, most importantly the educational needs of their student members and the medical needs of the sick.

In conclusion:

First off, I am always in awe of the impact Venture International is able to make thanks to our loyal supporters; however, we still face several challenges throughout the year. Here are a few examples:

• Much needed financial support for our indigenous ministers who often have to pay for gasoline and help to administer the programs abroad.

• The need for additional families to support our family to family programs.

• More support for our Refugee Relief Program administered by Issam Ghattas of Manara Ministries.

• The General Fund so we can do more than make ends meet. Examples: More advocacy and Christian ministry projects, an emergency fund designed to respond to global hardships, and the ability to share information with those outside of our mailing list.

I hope and pray this newsletter will inspire you as I am encouraged every time we are able to help our brothers and sisters thousands of miles away. If you have read my past letters, you know that I am doing all that I can to gain (or keep) your trust as president of Venture International. I also pray that those who have recovered from the recent recession here in the U.S. are able to resume their support for this ministry so that we are able to continue our mission to serve as a bridge between those in need and those who want to help God's people.

May the blessings of the Lord be upon you and your family,


Cherrie Dickerson, President
Venture International

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