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Refugee Relief

The ongoing conflict in Syria, Iraq, and neighboring countries continues and sadly we are no longer shocked at the loss of human life and the ongoing slaughter and destruction of people's lives. Many feel helpless and wonder what can be done.

While we cannot stop the slaughter and destruction, we can pray and we can trust God. We cannot take hundreds of thousands of refugees into our homes, but we can share with them what God gives us...

The UN can only set up overcrowded tent camps on dehydrated, barren stretches of desert, crawling with snakes and scorpions and blasted by sandstorms. There, families who escaped the violence suffer what many refer to as a "slow death," where their chief employment is survival and they can do nothing but swelter under the scorching desert sun. Even the UN is overwhelmed by the needs and relies heavily on non-government organizations and ministries like Venture International.

Please consider what you can do to help today and send a gift as soon as you can. Venture International has partnerships throughout the Middle East that is able to get the supplies into the most desperate of places.

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